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Version vom 29. Dezember 2020, 15:30 Uhr

The majority of the foreign language texts is based on automatic translation, in parts reworked by the editor.

Older parts have been translated using Google translate, newer with DeepL.

From 22 Nov 2020 onward the English dialect used is expressedly British English.

Phil Price kindly translated several pages pertaining to the early stages of "Barbarossa" in June and July 1941.

Untranslated German Terms

Some German terms difficult to translate remain untranslated. May they give the text a special atmosphere. Below you find a pooling of these terms together with a tentative translation and a description.

De.png Gb.png
Führerreserve Leader reserve a unit within the field reserve batallion consisting of offficers and NCOs for quick replacement of fallen leaders and for special duties
Oberfeldwebel (Technical, First) Sergeant rarely assigned third NCO grade, suitable, e. g., for Sergeant Major duties
Stomarsch (Stabsoffizier für Marschüberwachung) Field officer for traffic control a unit for traffic control (not a military police unit) composed mainly of Führerreserve personnel

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