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About This Book

My father Herbert Schrödter (1910–1987) was a volunteer in World War II. Read how this came about, what he has experienced and what insights he gained in his diary I am editing and publishing.

Sense and Purpose of the Publication

The diary provides insights into the mentalities and living conditions of an – as I believe – normal bourgeois academic of the time. It shows by example how good or how fair the political consciousness was developed in those circles. Therefore it is an excellent source for sociological, especially socio-psychological, political and historical studies.

Genesis of the Diary

My father wrote the diary during the war and the captivity by hand (example). Having returned home, he typewrote it several times in always enhanced versions (example). The version I used, bound in green linen, was not written before 1983; this is evidenced by the mention of the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 shootdown. Another version was handed to the Münster City Archives. I digitised it and add explanations and proofs. Aside of this pre-publication on the Internet there will be a book – possibly bi-lingual. A translation into English is in work.

Status of the Project

The following parts are textually complete, but the notes, footnotes, links and evidence may still change with the progress of research, images will be added. The appendices are constantly being revised and expanded. Translation is under way in the version Dad's Diary Day By Day published as Facebook blogs 80 Years Ago and 75 Years Ago.

An edition as a book (in English, German or bilingual) is planned for 2025/26.

Translation Issues

See special article about Translation Issues