Government and Flags

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flags ashore

Emirate and City Flag
to be flown as Courtesy Flag by foreign ships

State Flag

Standard of H.E. the Emir Omda

The city of Ulnovabad with its surroundings forms an emirate of the Sultanate of Feniz wich enjoys extensive inner autonomy, the scope of which exceeds that of usual Fenizic cities.

Mail and service boat donated to the emirate by HRM the Sultan

Among other things, the emirate administration comprises

ensigns at sea

Merchant and Civil Ensign

State Ensign

the Metropolitan and Border Police,
the Autonomous Tax and Customs Authority
which is to secure the fiscal, financial and economic independence of the emirate from Feniz,
the Pilotage Service, a division of ...
the Ulnovabad Hydrographic Office UHO which also includes the administrations of the Ulnovabad Fastport (dutiable but fast) and the Ulnovabad Freeport (not so fast but exempted from duty),
and the Ulnovabad Post Office which is issuing Ulnovabad's own stamps (left and right: the first issues).
  A joint issue with Feniz proper and Fora Rifo


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