Ulnovabad Economy

Ulnovabad has no natural resources and therefore no own exports. Imports for local consumption, food etc., are coming from Ulnofshire, Cimera, Eichensehria, and Christiana. The majority of the traffic to and from Ulnovabad carries transiting goods. This is why the transport sector is of special importance to the emirate. It comprises a state shipping line and airline and a privately run modern railway system. Hotels of the highest possible standard complement the business infrastructure.

Meritéan Express houseflag
A state shipping line, Meritéan Express, connects the city to Feniz and to the Meritéan region of the Old Continent, transporting mixed cargo (part loads), passengers, and mail.

(The form of the ME monogram recalls the Feniz CoA.)

Meritéan Express ensign
The state airline, AIR-U, owned by the Ulnovabad Aeronautical Authority UAA, serves relations with mainland Feniz and in northeast Old Continent and operates the Ulnovabad International Airport.

All overseas shipping-lines of Feniz touch Ulnovabad.

NOVARAIL The Ulnovabad railway system NOVARAIL is managed by Belson Rail (Cimera). It consists of regional and transcontinental lines.
International phone code: +189
shared with Cimera and Wesmerité
Tourism is rising now and is more and more being promoted; there are some very special highlights worth a journey to Ulnovabad.
  With the Oyam Dental Clinic, Ulnovabad hosts the most advanced and attractive hospital in the region.

There is no other industry of any importance.

The Ulnovabad economy is directed by the parliamentary Chamber of Commerce.


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