The Ministry of Finance

The Dunros Mint Introduces

The new Princess Sarah Silver Crown

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The Rosardannach Monetary Unit is called the Crown.
The Rosardan Crown is composed of one troy ounce .999 fine silver.
Subunits of the Crown are Shillings and Pence.
5 Shillings = 1 Crown
20 Pence = 1 Shilling
100 Pence = 1 Crown

Coins minted by the Dunros Mint include:

1 Crown (1 troy oz. silver)
Crown (.50 troy oz. silver)
2 Shillings (.40 troy oz. silver)
1 Shilling (.20 troy oz. silver)
Shilling (.10 troy oz. silver)
5 pence (bronze)
1 penny (copper)
penny (copper)
farthing ( penny - copper)

For the numismatists and investors,
bullion gold coins known as Golden Roses are minted as follows:

1 Rose (1 oz. gold)
Rose ( oz. gold)
Rose ( oz. gold)
? Rose (? oz. gold)

The Golden Rose has no fixed value again the Crown, but fluctuates with the value of gold on the precious metals market.


The Bank of Rosardan is allowed to issue banknotes, in denomiations not less than 1 Shilling. All banknotes must be redeemable in silver coin of the realm on demand by the bearer.

Legal Tender

Only silver coins have the status of legal tender in the Principality of Rodardan. However, silver coins of other kingdoms, principalities, republics, states or corporations having a proven silver content and accepted as such by the Principality's Ministry of Finance, have legal tender status within for the payment of all debts, public and private.

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