The Ministry of Defence

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1 Battalion, The Rosardannach Anardean Rifles
On Parade in Baileport

THE ROSARDANNACH DEFENCE FORCE is composed of The Rosardannach Army, The Rosardannach Navy, and The Rosardannach Air Force.

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A unit of the Rosardannach Artillery Regiment
On manouvers in southern Tirros

THE ROSARDANNACH ARMY is composed of The Army Services Corps, which includes all administrative and support functions for the Army, and the following Regiments:

The Rosardannach Artillery Regiment
The 1st Cavalry Regiment (horse)
The 2nd Cavalry Regiment (armour)
The 1st Rosardannach Regiment (Rosartuath)
The 2nd Rosardannach Regiment (Tirros)
The 3rd Rosardannach Regiment (Anardeas)
The 4th Rosardannach Regiment (Reserve Regiment) (Rosartuath)
The 5th Rosardannach Regiment (Reserve Regiment) (Tirros)
The 6th Rosardannach Regiment (Reserve Regiment) (Anardeas)
The Rosardannach Anardean Rifles
The Rosardannach Light Infantry

Combat support units include:

The Rosardannach Medical Regiment
The Rosardannach Engineer Regiment
The Rosardannach Military Police Regiment

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"A" Coy, 2 Battalion, 1st Cavalry Regiment
On Parade in Dunros

Rosardannach Military Law requires that every male, upon reaching the age of 18 years, serve 18 months national service in a combat or combat support unit of the Army, or in the Navy or Air Force. Upon completion of the term of national service service, he shall be assigned to a Reserve Unit (if in the Army), or to the Navy Reserve or Airforce Reserve, as appropriate. The Reserve Units of the Army are:

The 4th Rosardannach Regiment (Reserve Regiment) (Rosartuath)
The 5th Rosardannach Regiment (Reserve Regiment) (Tirros)
The 6th Rosardannach Regiment (Reserve Regiment) (Anardead)
4, 5 and 6 Battalions, The Rosardannach Anardean Rifles
7 through 12 Battalions, The Rosardannach Light Infantry 

Limited positions are available in the Defence Forces for career positions. Those wishing to pursue a Defence Force career may apply at the end of the 18 month national service. Placement in a career position in The Rosardannach Defence Force is dependent upon the qualifications of the applicant and the availability of positions.

THE ROSARDANNACH NAVY include one battleship, the Rosar, and three fleets of cruisers, destroyers, and torpedo and missile boats, along with one submarine fleet. In addition, coastal artillery (including SSM and SAM missiles) are under the jurisdiction of the Admiralty.

THE ROSARDANNACH AIR FORCE are composed primarily of fighter craft, light bombers, and helicopters. Air defence artillery is also under the control of the Air Force.

Women are permitted, but not required, to serve in the defence forces. Women receive the same training as men. Upon assignment during active duty, they are assigned to administrative and support elements of the defence forces, or to combat support units. Women are not assigned to combat units during the people of active service. However, upon ending their period of active service and transferring to reserve units, women may be assigned to companies of combat units. In such cases, women shall be assigned to separate all female companies, with female commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

The military policy of Rosardan is defensive. Rosardan has no territorial ambitions, and will enter into no alliances requiring military cooperation. Therefore, Rosardan does not seek to build a military establishment with substantial offensive capability.

However, it is also the policy of Rosardan that our people and land will be defended to the last extremity. Therefore, the defence policy of the Principality of Rosardan is that the entire population shall be trained and armed to such an extent that aggression will be met by the full fury of the Rosardannach people.

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