Geographic Societey of Vexillium
Provisional Panel on Geographic Names

of the 1st meeting
held in Fenizabad, 24-28 March 302

The panel has located the following problems with some names of geographic entities:

Geographic entity Position Description of problem or difference Proposed solution
Point South Southeast Old Continent The UNV Territory of P.S. (now Utania) is in southern ex-Guwimith while the city of P.S. is in northern ex-G. (now Rovens) Clear differentiation required between territory and city
Horn of Olives - " - The ex-Guwimith province of H.o.O. was in southern ex-G. (now Utania) while today, a province of Gvonj (now Rovens) in northern ex-G. is called H.o.O. Check if true

Rename Rovenian province

Great Southern Ocean   In 300 called Meridic (on western hem.) and Glaciaris (on eastern hem.) Ocean Use 300 naming
Polaris Ocean   In 320 called xxx (on western hem.) and yyy (on eastern hem.) Ocean Check names

Use 320 naming