Owner:   Truto Acero Filo de Antirino Koregonkastelano
Contents:   My notes about the
Autonomous Moun Republic of Fora Rifo
or: AMR Fora Rifo, or: Fora Rifo,
of which I am expected to call myself the President ;-)

(Fora Rifo, btw, means "far-away reef" in Ingallish, and was once called "Frket Island" while it belonged to Northern Gronk.)

Address:   Fora Rifo, 6000 Urbo de Dio
Blood group:   Somebody put my notebook online. Don't know who it was and how he did it. Oh well. Moun's will be done.
I paste in

here -

New (republican) Coat of Arms

our Coat of Arms

- isn't it nice?

  Si non è vero, è bene trovato.

(Ital. proverb)

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